Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Tonga Ninja

                       The Tonga Ninja

40 years ago? There was a ninja called Fuma Kotaro he had 4                     sidekick helpers. There names were Hattori Hanzo, Jinichi Kawakami, Momochi Sandayu and Ishikawa Goemon. That was his 4 sidekick helpers they went everywhere together. But mostly what they had to do was to protect their house and save crime. They were trying to protect their house from the Dopey Boys .
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They wanted to destroy the Tonga Ninja because they were enemies when they were little. The Dopey Boys always had problems with the Tonga Ninja’s and was a disgrace to them.

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Tonga Ninja’s save the day until the Dopey boys come ahead and distract the Tonga Ninja from taking them away so the bad criminal don't go to jail . So they couldn't do anything to them because they were gone. So they just headed back to their headquarters. They have heaps of bodyguards why would they need that when they are already strong. This Is their headquarters they been hair since they were 22 years old but now all of them are in they’re 40. But it sill looks fresh and clean.
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Then they have a nice sleep till the next morning and go save Glen Innes From the who are staring problems and keeping G.I a happy and better place. So there will be no more crime in this wonderful particular suburb.
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