Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Getting Paid To come to school

Walt: Identify

Hey you there, student going to school and not getting paid! I agree that children should get paid to go to go school. Otherwise everyday your parents would have to pay for you to go to school willingly. If the school pays for you then you have more of a chance to not worry about paying money everyday for your child.

I believe that schools should pay for you to come to school because parents don't have that much money. They will most likely pay for your lunch at school, unlike if your parents were to pay for you to come to school then you're probably have no lunch to take to school.

Parents send you to school and if your parents were to pay for you to come to school I reckon that the teachers should get 20 dollars or so because the parents are paying for them to come to school. The children should get one hundred dollars a month twenty dollars a week.

Your parents should get that much money each week because your parents are paying for you to come to school everyday. So I agree that teachers should pay for you to come to school!

 I have learnt how to persuade and convince an audience to believe my opinion?


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