Friday, 23 October 2015

Mustelid Trap

Walt: Read and understand facts about Mustelids

New Zealand native animal

A New Zealand native elephant seal.Here are some facts about elephant seal.Elephant seals are dangerous. They have two eyes dark silvery brown skin, a mouth and a large nose.They can eat octopus flatfish and ratfish Elephant seals also like to eat crab and squid.

Other facts about elephant seals. They have sharp teeth and clawed front flippers Elephants seals also have small eyes just like us.
The elephants seals live in subAntarctic and Antarctic waters.They love living there because it is nice and cold for them.They like to fight a lot and they are so lazy too .That's why they are just the real elephants.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Catching Mustelids

Image result for Ferret

Ferret lives in forest and grazed pasture.grazed pasture is just like a farm.They have a tail,fur,and they got very small eyes. They have white face and brown on the body.They like to play a lot and if you train them good they could play with toys and it could be good and not kill native animals.

Friday, 16 October 2015

My Holidays

Walt: Recount our favourite part about the Holidays. On the first day of the holidays I went and spent time with my family.One thing we did together was that we went on a picnic.We had spaghetti noodles with mince.We went to Point England beach which was all right.
When we got there heaps of people were swimming in the water. Luckily I took some clothes so I cold swim too.It is better to go to the beach because it is free, not like the pools you have to pay.
Well at the end of the day we walked back home and went for a good sleep because we spent a long day at the beach. It was a cool day”I wish we could do it again.

The next day I went to the internet cafe.I went by myself and it was in Glen innes next to the four square. It is so cool there because the internet is so fast and you get to play on stuff.In the end I walked back to my nans and waited for my mum to come and pick me up.I felt so happy when i went to the cafe and went for a picnic with my family In the holidays.I enjoyed going on the picnic with my family and sometimes people don't get stuff like that.I  hope for next time that I could do the same thing.



WALT:Use the text to help us accurately answer questions.This is a kind of bird that dose something different to other birds.