Monday, 11 April 2016

White Bait Fritter

WALT: make connections across a range of texts.
This Is telling you about my group.

FiaFIa 2016

Did you know last thursday we had a fiafia night.THe fiafia stared at 6:00 and you  go to your changing room at 6 o'clock again.. but some people went at 4:30 because they can buy the food that is there.I went at 4:50 because I knew my friends would be there.THen when i got there,there was only 2 of them.We started playing then some of our friends came then all of them came.Then it was 6:00 clock then Mr.Burt called out and said we need to go to our changing room.Then we did.I am in room 21 and my group name is called cyrts cyrcts.We got ready and mr burt called out and said we can come and sit down until it is our turn.We were 2and to last.When it was our turn I was so excited but also shy.Then we went up and did our stuff but our song was so funny.Then when we finished I had butterflies when I was walking down from the stage.This Is My FiaFia Writining.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Year 5 and 6 Camp Blog Comment

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Write 1-2 sentences (In your OWN words) about something you liked in their blog post.
Write 1-2 sentences describing WHY you liked that part of their post.
I liked kaharau blog post because he told the how he was sleeping and what he could here.
I like that because I was loving it when I was sleeping.
I really liked charles post because he said he liked to play games in the hall.
I liked charles one because he said he liked playing games in the to.
Skye one was so amazing because she said she loved cooking and she said also the girls help her learn how to cook .
I liked cooking to but mostly putting up the fire.
I liked Germaine's One because how he put a photo of him and his friends.
I like it and also I liked it because there is a photo of me somewhere to.
Something I liked about Josh’s one is that because he said when we wake up in the morning we going in the hall to do Jump Jam.
Josh Is like me because I liked waking up in the morning and doing jump jam.

My Volcano Animation

Tom Volcano Animation (1) from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This Is My animation that I have done.As you can see there is a volcano.The volcano has magma rock layers Secondary Vent and ash clouds some rocks and lava flow.You can see the magma
reaches the top of the surface.Then the cloud move's around in the sky.I hope You Will Enjoy My Movie

Friday, 1 April 2016

What Time Is It?

Walt: Tell Time in Hours.

Year 5 and 6 Camp

   Hook On Camp
    The Question i am going to use is:sound affected
My favourite part of camp was doing all the fun activities and do the amazing race.The amazing race is so cool because you get to go around the hole school and that's why it's called the amazing race,and also I liked it when we went to the pools and the end of the day.The pools was so cool because we got to go on the outside pool and do booms.