Wednesday, 25 June 2014


New Machine

My machine is called Reverse Tricycle. It is used for cooking, it is made out of wood and metal. It has many special features.You can control it by talking to it. Everyone can have one in their kitchen. It is better than any person cooking because a person might not cook properly. The reverse tricky always cooks food properly.The food tastes like amazing steak. Dessert is lolly cake with ice cream. Everyone should have one because it cooks it for you and saves you money and time.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Flower

This is my shape picture.It is aolmos symmetrical.

Green Group,s Movie

Green group story from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
That was cool makeing that movie

Science In A Van

Shooting through the air,  Steve the Chicken was about to sail off. His amazing rocket sped fast like a crazy shooting star. Isaac Newton three laws are force and speed and motion
I liked the experiment about little force and large force. Little force could not lift the bag and large force could because she had energy in her big muscles. Carefully Emily took some of the things out of the bag so that good little force could lift it.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


If i could fly

Tumbling I got  myself ready to take of.I almost  hit the tree but i miss it.If i could fly i could see the water and the mountain.It will be freaky  and scary if it was real.It was the end of flying in the sky for me.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Paper Plane

Paper planes from Team 5 PES on Vimeo. Folding our paper plane it precisely sail through the air and gliding salf to the flow.Sadinlee justus sat on my paper plane and the i need to make a ather plane.The last thing that happed was when ms king recad as sailing our plane.