Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Tuei's 2 Dollar Coin

In the story Tuei put his 2 doller coin on the window sill and then it fell on it and the moon light flashed on to the coin.Then the owl flyed to get the coin and the owl grouped the coin.Then weta wanted to eat it but it was to hard.Then a long came kiwi and wete was so sraced of kiwi thats why he gave the gold coin to kiwi.after that kiwi saw the mouse and gave it to the mouse.Kiwi did’int want it because he could smeel somthing better.Then thats when along came the big fat black cat came and said give me the the gold thing in your hand then the mouse saide ok ok dont eat me i will give you it if you dont eat m.And when the cat let go the mouse ran away and the cat sill got the gold thing.Then the cat got on to the window and the coin fell into the house.Thats when turei said i told you it will be safe up there.


Have you ever been to the easter show well i have.After the day of school the easter show was on and it was on at green lane asb showgrounds and i went there with my mum dad and baby brother.First we went to get some tickets at the sort of looking hot dog truck.

Then we went to get some food for my little baby brother.After all of that i went on the new ried and it was could the turbo blaster.You need to wait until they said put your seat bat on then i got ready.Then blas of i went a round and a round until it was the tenth one it stopped then we hopped of and i went to the tea cups with my brother.Then it was my mum and dads turn to go on the rides.After that we went to get some hot dogs and cande flos.It was so yumyum Then i said good buy to the easter show then we went to our car and went back home.I had a good time spending time with my family.

Guess what me and my sister went to the freezing cold pool’s in G.I.We went there because it was a hot and sunny day.It was on a good sunday.To me that is the best time to go to the pools.We traved by car we just live about 20 blockes of houses away.First I went and got change then my sister went and got chage.

Secan lee we hopped into the freezing cold pool.Once i hopped in i jump back out I because it was so cold that why i jump out .For my sister she was alright because she is an grown up person.When i was out i walked in to the little kids pool and waited until my sister came in.Will she didn't come back so i went and be a man to jump in the cold pool It was so cold i couldn't hold it.But i just hold on until i got use to it.
After i got use to it and i went swimming around.Then i hopped out and same as my sister hopped out to.Then we went and got changed.

We had a battle the first person to get gres get to get five dollers and+ the person that losis get to  by the wining some food that they want.I wish i could do that again