Thursday, 30 April 2015

Pirate Crew

harbour is Where there is lots of boats and were they park. Pipiana used Moustaches rings and scars to be like a real pirate.People need life jackets so when a boat sinks you could flot.Pipiana was brandishing the boat hook around and the knife swing around.

Making Mallowpuffs

Have you ever made a mallowpuff cake before well I have.On starday i made it with my mum.First we went to pak n save and got our ingredients and went back home to make it.First lee i and my mum cuted the mallowpuff then we went to open the can of condensed milk.Then we mooted butter in the microwave then when it was all done we put the condensed milk into the bowl and put the mooted butter in.Then we cutted the mallowpuffs.When it was all done we crashed the bisgit and put it in.It was done then we put in in the freig and waited for about 20 or 15 minnes.After that was done we got the cookernunt slasted and poued it in.Then for a good time to eat it i aet the first peis.It tased like mallowpuff but even better.That was it.  

The Malama Honua

Yesterday Pt England school and some othre schools went down to pt England beach.We went down there to see Hokulea and Hikianalias.As we got there we went to sit down on the grass and wait until the secan bot came.When the secan bot came we sand up and sang to the when they were comeing up on to the beach.There was a man blowing the horn telling them to come.We were there until morning tea time.The frist song we saing was he ho.As the secan bot came the small little bot took some people.As soon as they got on the san we sang he hor no ea.For the very last one we sang na waka ea.Then we ran down on to the sand and gave the people a good hi five.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pirate Crew

Where there is lots of boats.Moustaches rings and scars.
You need a life jackets so when a boat sinks you could flot.
She was brandishing the boat hook around and the knife swing around.

A Barbary pirate, Pier

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Scales-problem solving

Today we learnt to work to gatherer and slove problems in our groups.We learnt to add addison and take always to slove our problems.

Holidays at the pools

Have you ever been to the easter show well i have.After the day of school the easter show was on and it was on at green lane asb showgrounds and i went there with my mum dad and baby brother.First we went to get some tickets at the sort of looking hot dog truck.

Then we went to get some food for my little baby brother.After all of that i went on the new ried and it was could the turbo blaster.You need to wait until they said put your seat bat on then i got ready.Then blas of i went a round and a round until it was the tenth one it stopped then we hopped of and i went to the tea cups with my brother.Then it was my mum and dads turn to go on the rides.After that we went to get some hot dogs and cande flos.It was so yumyum Then i said good buy to the easter show then we went to our car and went back home.I had a good time spending time with my family.

Guess what me and my sister went to the freezing cold pool’s in G.I.We went there because it was a hot and sunny day.It was on a good sunday.To me that is the best time to go to the pools.We traved by car we just live about 20 blockes of houses away.First I went and got change then my sister went and got chage.

Secan lee we hopped into the freezing cold pool.Once i hopped in i jump back out I because it was so cold that why i jump out .For my sister she was alright because she is an grown up person.When i was out i walked in to the little kids pool and waited until my sister came in.Will she didn't come back so i went and be a man to jump in the cold pool It was so cold i couldn't hold it.But i just hold on until i got use to it.
After i got use to it and i went swimming around.Then i hopped out and same as my sister hopped out to.Then we went and got changed.

We had a battle the first person to get gres get to get five dollers and+ the person that losis get to  by the wining some food that they want.I wish i could do that again

School Picnic

Image result for pt england beachHave you ever been To pt england Reserve well i have.Our hole school went down there on a good sunny day for a good picnic.It was on a friday and it was on a  good day to go siwmm.Our hole school went down there on a good sunny day.It was on a good friday and it was a good day to swimm.Well frist we sait down on the wit grass and  listin to Mr Burt’ and the perfikes told us about the spots.The sopts that they said there was cricket, volleyball,softball,tag,ripper’ rugby,soccer.
We needed to listen to the rolls so we don't go hospital. The we went  of and looked for a good spot for us.After we looked for a spot for us some of us ate our lunch and some ran of to play the games that they said.Well i didn't i ran to the hill and rod down it a lot of times.Then i got dicey and i decided to go and eat my lunch at our nice spot.Then Mr Burt said its time for the year 1s to go for a swim now.Then the year 1z went to put there swimming togs on and go and siwm.Then it went up to the year 5 to 8.Then for last we had

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sylvia Park

Start hereIn the summer hot weekend  my family and i went to a place could me make your own food,it was a noth haber.We went there for my mum birthday.When you pick your food they cook it in front of you and they make it.If you're so hager again you go get to pick you dersert and do the same thing in front of you.Alsos you get to talk all the food you want back home and you can eat it when you are hager again.It was a  wonderful day at we make your own food.

On sunday I went to Sylvia Park with my cousin. Went went there to do shopping for me and him.First we went to the warehouse and broth us some easter eggs.Me and my cousin cant wait for easter.When it comes to the easter show he is going to it with my mum and my cousin brother.If there was no school i wood go but i cant because i have school.I wish i wish i  that i could go to the easter show.After we were at the wearhouse we went a got some games for my cousin.The games that we got was little big planet 3 moedercombat vs dc.After all that we went back to the car and we back home and soted it all out.
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Did You Shake your feathers

WALT: Inferring and interpreting underlying meaning of text.
This book is about did you shake your tail feathers?
There was a little brid could weak.
He likes to be a nosy brid and a pokeing among the fernes.
He found a feather and he did'int no who it belog to.
Then last lee there was a bigger brid and it name was karearea.
Then he was happy to have his feather back