Friday, 17 March 2017

First Time for polyfest 2017

POLYFEST?YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Polyfest is a event for people to go and explore the places and watch there stages 1 by if they wanted to. But we discover the different thing in the polyfest.

Polyfest is a amazing and fun event for everyone and you could visit your favourite stage like say samoa but i'm tonga and cook island so i would visit that. But what i really want to see is the samoa’s cause I like how loud they are and how they move with their hand’s.

We were in teams with our parents helpers and also are teacher Ms Tapuke. I was in Ms tapuke group and we needed to share a bag with your buddy also. It was a fun event with my friends. The part I love was getting all the free stuff and answering the questions to get a prize.

Lastly We had a awesome time ride the bike to make a yummy smoothie. First you would have to choose some questions for the smoothie. Then we waited for about 10 minutes to get a smoothie, and we needed to go but lucky I got my one.

It was a fun and amazing day at the polyfest + i'm going back for another fun dayImage result for asb polyfest

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