Friday, 29 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

Did you know the Olympic in rio starts on the 5th of August?
On Monday The 25th of July The Pt England School Had A Immersion Assembly in the hall.We had the Immersion Assembly because it was the starting of term 3.Our Topic for this term is called We Are The Champions.Team 1,2,3,4,5 and teacheres all had somthing to show Pt England Student’s.

Then Mr Burt said now get ready for team 1.Then the School clpaed.Team 1, they are learning how to be a good champion and eat healthy food and drink heaps and heaps of water and after they showed us 11 what we are learning about every one claped for team 1.Team 2,they are learning about different sports of all kids and the teachers in the movie were rapping and some people were dancing well the teachers in team 2 was rapping.

Team 3,they are learning about quiz about the Olympic I think that would be so cool.Never Forget team 4,we are learning about Olympic all the things around scenc.Team 5 is learning about Olymipc Competitions.

My favorite one was team Four because we learning about Olympic all around scene.Also I liked the vedio because it was so funny and because my firends were on the vedio and also me.Mr Moran  was laughing when I said,Grink gaderad and you will get bigger muscel and he was laughing so hard.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Stem And Leaf Graphs

Walt:Read and organise data in Stem and Leaf Graph
Walt:Find mean, median and mode data set.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

School Art Show

This Term We Have been learning about Comic Art.Today Room 6 and Room 7 went in to the school Art gallery.It was the hall but now it is Pt England Art Gallery.This Terms Theme Is called As I See It.There was Heaps Of Amazing Art work that Kids done In our school.HOPE YOU LIKE IT

Level 10 Advice Column

Walt:Use illustrations to clarify and interpret the text.
This Week Work we had to speak to a person that Mrs Moala use to teach.The person is called Ferdinand.He asked for some advice because he was playing to mush vedio games and not thinking of his family,and I said you should put your vedio game away and help your family. He wanted to Get in the NCEA.NCEA is a place wer people make cool game.Hope you liked it.Thank You!!