Monday, 27 June 2016

Paul Martin Visit

Do you know a person called Paul Martin? A amazing rugby player and a author .Well Yesterday He came to Pt England school.But he only came to team 4.He made his first book and some people brought his new book.The book is called kory the kiwi.It looks like an amazing book.He came all the way from hamiltion to auckland.That is far from auckland but it is in New Zealand.I throught Paul Martin Was going to couch The Titan’s But He did’t because he needed to go back.I am looking forward to reading his new book that he makes.

My favorite part is Paul Martin coming to Pt England School.We Dont Get Good Rugby Players And Amazing Author's.

Normally Just Like What Mrs Moala Said.Be Normally.It made Me be that way because I'm not Normally sometimes.But when he came I was.THANK YOU PAUL MARTIN FOR COMING TO PTENGLAND SCHOOL…..

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