Monday, 9 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Have your teacher’s made you laugh befor.Well on monday the beginning of school we had a Immersion Assembly.It was in the hall.The whole school came.We walked in lines to get to the hall.Then the teachers from the other teams showed us what they are going to learn.

Our school topic for the year is as i see it.It is that becuase when it is in someones eyes they see it drinttely.Mr Jacboson was wearing a thing that has all of the clouers but not all.He was wearing that becuase he is the artis.He is the one the drew the anzac on the wall.

Starting with team 1 they showed us what they are going to lean about.They are learning about their favourite stuff. Team 2 they are learning about there sesions.Now team 3 they are learning about building new stuff.Now our team. Team 4 we are learning about superhero comic books.Last but not least team 5 they are learning about hawaii wakas.

Team 4 our group.We are learning about comic books.We are learning about comic book’s for this term.I like comic book but mostly the superheros,and we are drawing our superheros on paper and sometimes computer.

I really liked the Immersion Assembly.It made me laugh happy and excited becuase I wanted to know what we are going to learn for this term.

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