Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bok Choy

This week we learned about bok choy the book in reading.We learned about the actors in the book and write what was about them.But as you can see we write about the boy Jacob.

Jacob Is helping his mum when Ah Sum Calls by.
Because In the beginning Jacob didn't understand  what they were talking about.
Jacob felt cold and sad.
Because he fell in the river and he had a brusie and then he was saved from Ah Sum
William sneers at Ah Sum.William just laughs and thumps the carpet.
Because he did’nt like the cheinese food and cabige.
Ah Sum bows his head and lowers his pole.
Ah Sum was happy because he got a lot of money for giving Jacob and his mum bok choy.
Because he was getting some thankful words.

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