Monday, 26 November 2018

Lady pink

Able to explain 2 elements that artists use to share messages through their work OR can identify an artist’s message
Lady Pink : Lady pink is a Graffiti Artist . She 54 years old but lady pink can still do her art .Image result for lady pink


  1. Hey tom I wish you could write more so next time can you But i like that photo, Nice color.

  2. Hello Tom. My name is Leiite from Pt England School I really like the hard work you put into your work and all the information you put into it about Lady Pink, Keep up the good work.

    From Leiite

  3. Hi tom I like your lady pink work all i know from your work is that she is a graffiti artist and she is 54 years old but she still does here art but I have a question for you like where does she live and where was she born and all of does stuff about her but it was a good post.

  4. Hello Tom your lady pink is very good i like it. keep up the good work