Thursday, 3 March 2016

Jack Jack Attack

Walt:identify the key features of a narrative text.
One day there was a girl in a room.It was so dark in there then a bright light came on,and it was a man asking her questions.then he asked her what her name and she said oh it a k and a a and a r and a e. Kare  is my name.One day I was talking  on the phone then Jake the baby was sitting on his high chair and then she was done on the phone.Then she put toys on the ground then she put Jack on the ground then she played a music then the baby turn into a super hero. Then the baby was dispersing to other places in the house.Then she was so so tired.Then the next Morning a man came to pick up Jack and his name was called seder.He took him and she was so happy but the house was a miss.

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