Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl named little red riding hood she lived with her nana in the forest with some other animals. Once she went looking for some flowers for her nana because her nana wanted to make her house smell nice. She started at the forest because they lived next to a forest so she was assuming that there will be flowers there. She made it to the forest and she started to pick some flowers she saw some Crocus and lavender. Well she was picking the flowers she saw a big wolf.

 So she walked in the bush discreetly to hide from the wolf. So she stayed there until the wolf went then the wolf left but he came back to get a flower and he could hear some noises in the bushes so he had a look and he found a little girl with a basket with flowers in it. He said to the little girl what you doing out here then little red riding hood replied i'm just looking for some flowers for my nana.

Then the wolf said well I better leave you to it so the wolf left. But after the wolf left not long little red riding hood went back to nana she got home then she opened the door and she called nana nana are you home but no reply. She went to nanas room and had a look nana was under the blanket. Then she moved the blanket and had a look and it was nana.

But nana did’nt look the same she had big ears she looked grey. Then she took a closer look then she knew it was the wolf she saw in the forest. But she didn't want to say it was the wolf but then she was just so worried about nana so she blurted and said you're not my nana your the wolf I saw not long ago. Then the wolf giggled and giggled the big bad wolf took of the nana close and said i'm going to eat you then little red riding hood cried.

Then the wolf howled and howled then out of nowhere comes a hunter from the forest. He comes zooming in with his bow and shoots the wolf. Then you could hear something coming from the cupboard so the hunter and little red riding hood went to go and look and it was there nana little red riding hood was so relieved that she found nana. THE END

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