Friday, 20 October 2017

About Assembly

This morning was a usually Friday but we had  Niue Language week... First we had our song then the prefects done the korero and the korero was Smile's makes a different. They made a little Video clip of the student's in Pt England school that are smiling. Then after that we had a performance from the Niue group. They showed it of to our hole school the girls had a performance then after them the Niue boys done a Niue haka. Then after the Niue stuff was done we said a fear well to our Social worker. Her name is Mrs Vani she was in the room next to miss Nua.

It was a sad moment for her and she Cried. Then after all of that was finish it was time to go back to class so class by class went off back to class and that was it that was the special stuff in our Assembly. Thanks for reading

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