Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Chair Tiggy

We've played the chair tiggy game today.Run!Yelled my team mates.Run as fast as the wind and try not to get in.But make sure you watch out for the taggers they are good but we are 10 times better than them.  If you are a tagger you sit down and wait eager for your turn.If not you would be sitting on a chair waiting nicely for you turn.

I was a runner because it is fun to run and and also you get fit well you a running.People that were tagger were good but some weren't that good like others.
My favourite part about this game is you hear people from your team cheering and shouting out loud.

I felt so happy to be playing  the chair tiggy game because some people play it once and a willy and our literacy class is lucky to play it and also we are lucky to have a awesome teacher like Miss Lavakula to take us out and play it.

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