Wednesday, 9 April 2014


UntitledYesterday it was a practise outside on the stage for our Fiafia. The frist group to go and dance was kapehaka it tool long so the teachc put some suncrem on our hands and we put it on our bode. It was so hot i was about to mait .my favourite group was thee sina hippop because there wake in as a cool way.Today is going to be a magnifince day because it is the rel fiafi9a day.iam going to be so sepise and maybe ereybode is going to be sepise to.It is going to star a 6.00 and the dancing stares at 7.00 io wiil be tere at 6.00 okoc.The cook inland group is going to were a sot pants a a lavlav over it a no top on.IT is going to be cool.The end

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  1. Hi Tom that was nice to read and well will you be there at fiafia tonight and hope you do your best. Keep up the good work